Frequently Asked Questions - UV Tanning

How long does it take to get a tan?

Most people notice results after a few sessions. If you are tanning for an event or trying to get significant color, you will want to give yourself a bit more time than just a couple of sessions - beds are fast but not that fast!

How often should I tan?

It is important to tan regularly when you are trying to establish a tan. Do not let too much time go by between sessions - you will be back to where you started!

Do a lot of guys tan?

Yes, almost 30% of our clientele is male. Alot of them tan regularly to maintain color, we see those that are going on vacation and need a base tan, some of them have a wedding coming up or a special event where pictures will be taken...the list goes on.

I've had skin cancer, can I still tan?

People who have had skin cancer are at greater risk to develop it again with further UV exposure – indoors or outdoors – and SHOULD NOT TAN.

What is the significance of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is critically important for the development, growth, and maintenance of a healthy body, beginning with gestation in the womb and continuing throughout the lifespan. It has long been known that vitamin D is directly related to bone health and formation, but now research suggests that it may play a huge part in the prevention of almost every cancer from breast cancer to colon cancer. Please visit for more information.

What if I don't want to tan my face?

Ask an associate about beds with face-tanning lamps that you can turn off. With our easy to apply self tanners, a UV-free tan for your face is just a couple minutes away! Salon Solatte, our top-selling self-tanning spray, gives you a phenomenal, natural-looking color, is unscented and comes in an aerosole spray which is almost fool-proof. Available in an 8 ounce can and a convenient travel/trial 2 ounce size.

How often do you change your lamps?

Almost all tanning salons change their lamps according to the amount of hours that are on them, not a chronological schedule. You will never tan under old lamps at a Wolff Tan salon as we only take our lamps to 75% of the manufacturer's suggestion.

Can I tan every day?

Some memberships are ‘unlimited,’ which means the client could tan every day if he or she wanted but Wolff Tan advocates smart and moderate tanning and does not recommend tanning every day.

If I get really hot am I getting more color?

No, heat is not an indication of how much or how little UV light is reaching your skin. You should be comfortable when tanning indoors, don't let anyone tell you that being incredibly hot and sweating is more beneficial - it's not, it's just more...sweaty.

Do I have to use sunscreen outside if I have a base tan?

Yes. Always use sunscreen outdoors. You are tanning in a controlled environment indoors so sunscreen is not necessary as long as you follow tanning time guidelines; outdoors is a different, and very unpredictable, story.

Is it true that 20 minutes in a tanning bed is equivalent to 2 hours in the sun?

There’s not an answer to that question. One can’t make that comparison because the effects of sunlight on the skin depend on too many factors: geographical location, how close one is to the equator, cloud cover, time of day, time of year, etc., etc
I don’t want to wear eye-wear; can’t I just use a towel to cover my face?

No; some of the light does get through a towel. The only way to truly protect your eyes is by wearing FDA approved eye-wear. Not using eye-wear in a tanning bed will result in injury to the eyes such as corneal burns and loss of color or night vision.

Always have your eye-wear ready upon check-in as our associates are not permitted to allow anyone back to a tanning room without it.

Is this going to fry my ovaries or organs?

NO! NO! NO! This is an urban myth and a complete fallacy. A story has floated around for years, in one form or another, about a lady/girl who had some special occasion and wanted a really fast tan. She ran around town and tanned at a few salons, all in one day, and finally ended up dying from frying her insides.

UV light only affects the first few layers of skin; it is not powerful enough to reach past tissues and inside the body.

I’m pregnant, can I still tan?

Heat is a huge factor for pregnant women and tanning beds will get warm; all pregnant women should consult a physician before tanning. We will gladly hold your membership until after you have your child.

Can I catch a venereal disease or staph infection from a tanning bed?

Properly sanitized tanning beds can not spread diseases; we carefully clean and sanitize every tanning bed after every client and then sterilize the beds each night.

What are these white spots on my shoulders/arms?

Tinea Versicolor is a harmless skin fungus cause by oily skin, excessive sweating, hot and humid weather or a weakened immune system; the yeast that causes this fungus lives on everyone's skin. This fungus usually appears on the chest, back, arms, and shoulders, leaving bleached or pinkish areas on the skin, which can spread. Tanning beds do not cause this fungus but the tan resulting from the UV exposure will make it more obvious; as the skin around the fungus gets darker, the lighter areas really start to show.

Dandruff shampoos or topical treatments, which we carry or which you can get through your dermatologist, will usually take care of it.

For more information, go to the American Academy of Dermatology website:

How long should I cover this scar?

Light scrapes or cuts should be protected for just a few weeks after they have healed properly. Clients who have serious scars from recent surgeries or burns, however, should keep them covered for up to a year.
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Certification Manual for the International Smart Tan Network Indoor Tanning Operator Correspondence Course
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